I’m Graeme McCutcheon. I’m older than I’d care to admit. Most days, you’ll find me lurking in Glasgow, Scotland. A wannabe nerd and a wannabe international playboy. One of those ambitions is proving easier to fulfill than the other. I love to play and experiment, to pull software apart and see how it works.

I’m proud to call myself a Mozillian: since 2007 I have been contributing to the Mozilla Project, primarily on Firefox and the underlying Gecko rendering engine, though I’ve built a significant internal web app too.

I also authored micropolisJS, a popular hand-written port of Micropolis—the open-source release of a certain city simulator’s original version—to Javascript and HTML5.

Recently, I launched funkierJS, a library to enable Haskell-style functional programming in Javascript, in node and the browser.

This blog is a repository for status updates, war stories, thoughts, and general nonsense.

If my words here aren’t enough, I’ve been known to spout 140 character witticisms on Twitter at @graememcc and on Mastodon at @graememcc@hachyderm.io.

Find me on Github.

cutchy11 at gmail dot com