Current status


I've been reminded that I've not been poor at updating the blog. Mea culpa. Anyway, some recent fixes of note:

  • Bug 686203 - Focused contenteditable can prevent other elements from getting focused on right-click, which also fixed bug 578771 and possibly more!
  • Bug 740784 - Undo (Ctrl+z) in textarea adding a newline (\\n) to the text
  • Bug 747163 - TelemetryHistogramType returns failure for HISTOGRAM_FLAG
  • Bug 747379 - Cloning a flag histogram with Telemetry::HistogramFrom breaks the "only one count" invariant

Currently awaiting reviews for:

  • Bug 663585 - push hooks should print out hg url for the changeset
  • Bug 724513 - Startupcache can load invalid cache if unable to delete startupCache file

I'm also still hard at work on my as yet undisclosed web app. To be concluded and disclosed soon, I promise!