Trust in Mozilla


I'm still working on something to assist those merging to mozilla-central.  I'm almost ready to start talking to Bugzilla.  Obviously, one can't test on b.m.o, so off to the test server - Landfill - we go. Now, I'll need to handle security bugs, and users who may or may not be able to modify them. I emailed Gerv, to see if it would be possible to emulate the b.m.o. security bug configuration in the bzapi sandbox. His reply? Sure you can, and have some admin privileges so you can set things up as you wish.

He could have said "yes, I've set up an appropriate configuration for you". Or even "it's possible, but it's not something I have time to deal with". Instead he effectively said "I'm just going to trust you to do the right thing".   Ignoring the specifics of the request, I feel that is quite something. Gerv and I don't intersect much within the project, and I'm still not particularly visible within Mozilla - I'm not a module owner, or a peer, or a MoCo employee. Those facts alone would be enough to inspire caution. And yet he defaulted to "you're a fellow Mozillian; I can trust you". That is rewarding on a pretty deep level, to receive an unexpected affirmation that not only are you fixing bugs, you're quietly earning the trust and respect of your peers.

Just another reason why being a member of the Mozilla community is so great.