Pushlog URLs now printed when pushing to mozilla-central


When pushing to mozilla-central or mozilla-inbound, one of the first things you are likely to do post-push is copy and paste the changeset URL into the relevant bug. To help, I fixed bug 663585, which has now been enabled on some of our main repositories.

When pushing, you should now see something like this:

graememcc@Vitalstatistix:~/moz/hghooks/fakes/mcclone$ hg push
  pushing to /home/graememcc/moz/hghooks/fakes/mozilla-central
  searching for changes
  adding changesets
  adding manifests
  adding file changes
  added 1 changesets with 1 changes to 1 files
  You can view your change at the following URL:

If you're pushing a large number of changes, the individual URLs cease to be useful. Instead, you will see:

You can view the pushlog for your changes at the following URL:

Admittedly this won't directly, help you with marking bugs, but it's perfect for pasting into m-cMerge for automating the bug commenting (m-cMerge can now handle general commits to any tree not just mozilla-central).

Finally, when pushing to Try, the results of your builds are more relevant. Hence:

You can view the progress of your build at the following URL:

I hope you find these changes useful!