More m-cMerge updates


A couple more m-cMerge improvements have now landed.

Bug Assignees

m-cMerge will now attempt to set the bug assignee in certain circumstances. Specifically, the following must hold:

  • The current assignee for the bug is
  • If there is more than one changeset for a particular bug, the changeset author must be the same for each of the bug's changesets
  • The changeset author email must be a valid Bugzilla user email

The summary page will highlight any bugs where the assignee was set:

m-cMerge summary page with email
When m-cMerge has set the assignee, it will highlight this

In-Testsuite Flag

m-cMerge has been updated to allow you to set the in-testsuite flag. Note m-cMerge doesn't make any predictions, or in any way try to automatically set the flag: this is completely manual.

The testsuite flag in the m-cMerge bug UI
The flag has been added below the "Comment/Resolve" checkboxes

The flag appears next to the checkboxes for commenting/resolving a bug - provided the bug belongs to a component that supports the flag. Initially, it will show the current value of the flag.

To allow you to judge whether the flag should be set, you can now view the files for a particular changeset.

Files affected by an individual changeset
You can view the files affected by a particular changeset

Simply click View/hide files to list the affected files. You can of course also click on the changeset ID to open the changeset diff on in a new tab/window.